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Job opportunities for German language experts in India and abroad

Mastering a foreign language is not an easy task since it requires high levels of concentration, immense hard work and the passion to continue learning. During the learning process, most of us are not aware of the career options that we may get on gaining expertise in the language. Being a German language expert myself I will list a few career options for German experts / wannabe experts.

The fun thing about being a German language literate is that you can very much experiment with the language and try out different areas (domains) till you figure out what suits you best. For example, in the automobile/manufacturing sector companies like Volkswagen, BMW, Mercedes, Bosch etc; Banking and Finance at Deutsche Bank; Software at Siemens or SAP, KPO/BPO in IT services, Hospitality at Lufthansa; Logistics and Supply Chain at Shenker. All of the above mentioned employers are continuously seeking German language experts. You will be lucky in this respect unlike many other professionals who may not have so many options.

Studying a foreign language full time can be an excellent career option. Getting an advanced degree (Master’s / PhD ) in studying foreign languages can have an exciting value proposition. You would not just end up being an expert in the language, but explore the culture of other countries, understand many other facets through this process and fetch great salaries.

I have myself worked as a Language training at Max Mueller Bhavan in India (Goethe Institute) and freelanced at many other Institutes. I also had an interesting stint as a tourist guide for German speaking tourists in Oman, and now working for a German Automobile corporation. I personally believe that there is much more to explore. Here are a few professions which you could consider trying if you think you master the language.

  • Foreign Language Trainer
  • Translator for MNCs and Government Organizations
  • Realtime Interpreter
  • Diplomatic Service Professional
  • Tourism Industry (Tour guide)
  • Air Hostess or Flight Steward
  • Guest relations at hospitality management centers
  • Freelance Writer, Translator, Interpreter
  • Public Relations Officer

I will elaborate about the role of the language experts in each of these professions in my next article. All the best!

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